Three Insightful and Interactive Sessions Across Three Days

Each Financial Planning Week event is jam-packed with thought-provoking content that will leave you inspired and ready to take on the decade with a renewed sense of purpose.

The ever-popular Symposium will provide practical strategies for resiliently managing change and reinvigorating the client experience. The new Research Forum will arm you with the information needed to help clients achieve the best possible outcomes. And, the Ethics Session will prepare you to navigate even the most complex ethical dilemmas.

Hosting FPW this year is

Pattie Lovett-Reid, CFP®
Chief Financial Commentator at CTV News.

A highly respected Canadian financial guru, Pattie coaches viewers on financial planning topics such as how to save money, stretch their income, and get the biggest bang for their hard-earned bucks.

Pattie's contagious enthusiasm and passion for financial planning will leave all FPW participants inspired and energized.

Tuesday, Nov 17

Welcome and Introductions

1:00 PM EST

How Client Engagement is Being Disrupted

1:20 PM EST

If you find yourself waiting for the memo that lets you know your life and business can get back to normal, you may be in for a long wait. The reality is that we’ve all changed. Our needs and expectations have changed. The way we work and connect has changed. Financial planners who understand and respond to those changes will not only engage at a deeper level but experience significant growth.

In this session, Julie Littlechild will examine:
• The role of client leadership and how the crisis has highlighted a strategy that  has always been a  key driver of engagement
• Current research on what clients want, need and expect right now, including a new self-confidence index
• Taking action by implementing a clear plan to demonstrate leadership, including gathering input from clients to understand and using that input to:
- evolve the client experience
- change the client conversation
- communicate with clients more effectively 

Julie Littlechild
Founder and CEO, Absolute Engagement

Sponsored by Chartwell

Attendees are eligible for 0.75 CE credit in the Practice Management category.

Conquering Adversity Through Resilience

2:10 PM EST

Why doesn’t the fastest runner always win the race? Or why doesn’t the smartest person always get the best job? It takes more than natural speed, intelligence, or ability to be a champion. It takes “change and resilience.” But resilience is not just for the elite with an Olympic gold around their neck. Resilience can be learned.

In this session, Dr. Mark DeVolder will share strategies for increasing grit, passion, and purpose by developing the mindset of a champion. Mark’s best practices will help attendees cultivate determination, increase resilience and conquer adversity.

Dr. Mark DeVolder
Change Specialist

Attendees are eligible for 0.75 CE credit in the Financial Planning category

Closing remarks and overview of next day

2:55 PM EST

Wednesday, Nov 18

Welcome and Introductions

12:00 PM EST

FP Canada Research Foundation Presents: 
Changing the conversation on CPP/QPP with your clients

12:05 PM EST

Brand new to FPW, the Research Forum will showcase recent financial planning research with practical takeaways for professional financial planners. For this session, the presentation will be by noted expert Dr. Bonnie-Jeanne MacDonald, Director of Financial Security Research, National Institute on Ageing followed by a panel discussion.

Dr. Bonnie-Jeanne MacDonald
Director of Financial Security Research, National Institute on Ageing

Michael Nicin
Executive Director, National Institute of Ageing
Dr. Moira Somers
Clinical neuropsychologist, Family wealth consultant 
Adam Reeder
Regional Manager, Investment and Retirement Planning, RBC Financial Planning  

Session sponsored by  CPP Investments

Research sponsored by FP Canada Research Foundation

Attendees are eligible for 1.0 CE credit in the Financial Planning category.

Closing remarks and overview of next day

12:55 PM EST

Thursday, Nov 19

Welcome and Introductions

1:00 PM EST

Vulnerable Clients and Financial Abuse

1:05 PM EST

Do you know how to spot financial abuse, and how to handle situations that may raise concerns regarding client vulnerability and financial abuse or fraudulent activity involving your clients? This session will explore vulnerable clients (including elderly clients, spousal abuse, fraudulent conduct) and situations of financial abuse including by Powers of Attorney or family members/helpers. The Panel discussion will focus on identifying such situations and your role as a professional financial planner in protecting your client from financial abuse.

Panelists will present in-depth case studies highlighting situations in which powers of attorney, family members or other individuals are taking advantage of a client, and strategies for handling such situations professionally and ethically.

Key Takeaways:
Recognize the key signs of financial abuse
Understand how to handle ethical dilemmas involving vulnerable clients
Learn from detailed case studies

Damienne Lebrun-Reid
Executive Director, Standards & Certification Head of the FP Canada Standards Council™

Holly Allardyce
AVP, Senior Legal Counsel, Private Trust, MD Financial Management
Bianca La Neve
Partner, WeirFoulds LLP, Wills Trusts & Estates Litigation 
Laura Tamblyn Watts
CEO, CanAge
Danielle Tétrault
Vice-President, Compliance & Chief Compliance Officer IG Wealth Management

Sponsored by IG Wealth Management and TD Canada Trust

Attendees are eligible for 2.0 CE credits in the Professional Responsibility category.

Closing remarks

2:55 PM EST