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We’re so glad you joined us for the FP Canada™ Financial Planning Conference. Our theme was Connect, Grow, Achieve. It’s our hope that you’ve made new connections, obtained knowledge that will help you grow in your practice, and learned strategies that will allow you to achieve more for your clients.

For our virtual 2023 conference, we had over 2100 attendees with us. Financial planners, industry leaders, regulators, and educators came together from coast to coast to coast. Together, we enjoyed engaging and informative keynotes, sessions, and panels – all with the aim of learning how to better help Canadians achieve financial well-being.

TESTIMONIAL: “Thank you for putting together a great conference and thanks to all captivating speakers. Much appreciated. Very engaging, insightful, useful and helpful.”

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2023 Financial Planning Conference Highlights

Here’s what participants learned over the course of our three-day conference.

Day 1 – November 21, 2023

  • Kendal Netmaker – a respected author, speaker, and entrepreneur - taught us about Indigenous values and discussed how they can help us grow in our financial planning practices. He also delved into the importance of listening and storytelling.
  • Brian Portnoy, the founder of coaching and content platform Shaping Wealth, discussed the evolution of the wealth management industry, with a focus on how critical an understanding of human behaviour is at every step.
  • Coreen Sol, author and portfolio manager, provided us with strategies planners can use to reduce the impact that bias has on their practices. These included implementing standardized processes and using checklists when working with clients.
  • Damienne Lebrun-Reid (Vice President Standards, Certification and Enforcement at FP Canada), Robb Bassett (VP Compliance, Raymond James Ltd.), and Iva Vranic (Senior Legal Counsel, AUM Law) delved into how to deal with conflicts of interest.

TESTIMONIAL: "Thank you for the great three days of learning. Amazing work of putting in variety of knowledge sessions for us."

Day 2 – November 22, 2023

  • Beverley Beuermann-King, workplace wellness expert, gave us strategies for navigating conflict at work. She described the most common types of difficult people – and how to tailor your communication strategies for each one.
  • Tamara Center (Director, Professional Conduct and Enforcement FP Canada Standards Council™), Josh Koziebrocki (Principal Lawyer at Koziebrocki Law), and Kate Smalley (writer and small business advisor) discussed how personal conduct (which includes posting on social media) can impact how we’re perceived professionally.
  • Dr. Daniel Crosby, psychologist and behavioural finance expert, shared his five-part system for communicating with clients in ways that deepen rapport, build trust, and promote client uptake. 
  • Dennis Moseley-Williams, founder of Dennis Moseley-Williams Strategic Consulting, talked about the value of creating incredible experiences for clients – and tips for how financial planners can get started.

TESTIMONIAL: “Great job FP Canada for putting this together. WOW I am so inspired!!"

Day 3 – November 23, 2023

  • Tim Nash, founder of Good Investing Financial Planners, provided an informative primer on socially responsible investing. He also offered strategies financial planners can use to start the conversation around this timely topic with clients.
  • Terry Ritchie, Private Wealth Manager and Partner at Cardinal Point Management, discussed the ins and outs of cross-border tax planning. He focused on Canadians who live, invest, and work in the United States – and vica versa.
  • Ellen Bessner – Lawyer at Babin, Bessner, Spry LLP – discussed the client discovery process, and how to overcome challenges that range from assessing a client’s level of financial sophistication to dealing with seniors who may have diminished capacity.
  • Dr. Tom Deans, President, Détente Financial Press Ltd., talked about how planners can partake in the largest wealth transfer in history. He focused in large part on attracting and retaining multiple generations of a family.
  • Mariska Loeppky – Assistant Vice-President, Tax & Estate Planning, IG Wealth Management – drew on her tax planning expertise to explore tips for financial planners who work with business owners.
  • Shawn Kanungo, innovation strategist and author, told us all about the value of adopting an innovative mindset in our practices – and why doing so involves so much more than just using the latest technologies.

TESTIMONIAL: “An amazing group of creative speakers bringing us insights and wisdom."

A note on CE credits: To receive all 13 Continuing Education (CE) credits available from FP Canada, MFDA, or IIROQ, you must view all conference sessions, including all concurrent sessions, whether live on the day or through the on-demand recordings, by December 31, 2023. Those seeking PDUs from IQPF had the opportunity to earn up to 9.5 PDUs by watching live session during the conference.

There was a pop-up at some point during each Financial Planning Conference session asking you to confirm that you were watching live. If you missed the pop-up and were unable to click the button to confirm that you were watching, please rest assured that we were able to track your viewing time through the conference platform for CE credit verification purposes.

If you were unable to attend live sessions, you can watch them on demand through the conference platform (not applicable for Pl. Fins). To obtain CE credits for each session, you must watch sessions in their entirety and answer a question that appears at the end of each session. The conference platform is able to verify viewing time, as well as whether you’ve answered the question to confirm completion. All sessions are available to view under the “Sessions” tab in the conference platform menu.

Your CE tracker will be updated and your CE certificates will be available for download through your online FP Canada account, starting the week of December 4th. If you have not watched all conference sessions, either live or on demand, we will be sending out reminders to ensure you have the opportunity to watch and receive full CE credits before December 31.

To view/download your CE certificates for the conference sessions you have viewed, you will need to complete the following steps: 

1. Login to your online FP Canada Account. 
2. Under My Account, select “Download CE Certificate”. 
3. Select the eligible conference sessions listed and click on the “Download” button to view and print your CE Certificate. 

If you do not currently have an account with FP Canada, your CE certificate will be emailed to you. Log into the conference platform to view the FP Canada Financial Planning Conference Continuing Education (CE) Overview under the ‘CE Info” tab for more details.

Thank you to our 2023 sponsors for their generous support! We can’t wait to see you all again in 2024.