FPW Challenge 2012

Financial Planning Week Challenge

The FPW Challenge encourages Certified Financial Planner® / CFP® professionals across Canada to brainstorm how they can promote financial planning in their communities and engage Canadians in Financial Planning Week. This public outreach aspect is a key part of FPW and FPSC encourages all CFP professionals to help spread the word!

Once again, FPSC has allocated 12 $500 Challenge prizes to various regions across Canada. FPSC looked for ideas that would engage the target audience and promote the values of FPW.


Kelley Doerksen, CFP
Edmonton, Alberta
Family Financial Wellness Event
Kelley will host a family-focused event that will empower families to take step-by-step, positive financial action to achieve their goals.
Prize Money donated to: $250 RESPs to each of two attendees

Atlantic Canada

Deborah Jean Young, CFP
Deer Lake, Newfoundland
The Retirement Rules Have Changed, What Now?
Deborah will cover the changes to Canada Pension, Old Age Security and retirement in her seminar geared towards the 50-plus age group.
Prize Money donated to: Deer Lake Food Bank

Redge Deg, CFP
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Planning Your Financial Future
Redge will present the different aspects of selecting an executor of state, and provide each family that attends with a package of financial planning reference materials.
Prize Money donated to: Student Graduation Scholarship

British Columbia

Alexandra Gilgunn, CFP
Victoria, British Columbia
Financial Planning for Young Families
Alexandra’s two workshops will reach out to young parents who need more hands-on experience with managing often limited financial resources.
Prize Money donated to: Young Parents Support Network

Stephanie Dean, CFP
Victoria, British Columbia
Financial Planning for All Abilities
Stephanie will host an educational event to promote awareness and instigate action to ensure a financially stable future for people with disabilities.
Prize Money donated to: RDSP contribution for a participant

Tom Markham, CFP and Dave Petrie, CFP
Delta and Surrey, British Columbia
Understanding Money Matters and Having Fun With It” and “Business Succession Planning
Tom and Dave will present two financial planning seminars: one towards high school students and one focusing on business owners.
Prize Money donated to: Delview Secondary School


Jewel Reimer, CFP
Headingley, Manitoba
The Fuss about Fees
Jewel will present to the general public an open discussion of fund fees and how they affect your financial future.
Prize Money donated to: Headingley Library


Nancy Edmison, CFP
Milton, Ontario
Financial Strategies for Caring for a Loved One with a Disability
Nancy will present a seminar focused on financial considerations when planning for a loved one with a disability.
Prize Money donated to: Windrush Stables

Paul Beck, CFP
Hamilton, Ontario
It’s About Your Financial Life
Paul will host an event focused on the different elements of money and financial planning to a middle aged audience.
Prize Money donated to: Marvin Ryder Foundation
*Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event will no longer be taking place.

Roger Touw, CFP
Toronto, Ontario
Students: Plan For Your Succe$$
Roger will host two seminars to enhance the financial understanding of students and provide them with tips to building financial security.
Prize Money donated to: Go Green Project

Vanessa Chan, CFP
Toronto, Ontario
Parents Helping Kids Help Themselves
Vanessa will host two workshops to give tips to parents on how to integrate early childhood financial literacy into their family life.
Prize Money donated to: Sir John A. MacDonald Public School


Jay Stark, CFP, Stuart Sutton, CFP, Tim Hansen, CFP, and Andrea Hansen, CFP
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
CONNECT 2012: Workforce Finances to Personal Family Finances
CFP professionals from Sutton Financial Group will provide immigrants and refugees with information about the financial aspects of the workplace.
Prize Money donated to: Global Gathering Place